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Welcome to Chris Boothby, LPC

 Mindful Counsel - Cultivating Resilience through

Mindfulness Based Online Therapy

young depressed man sitting against a white wall at home with a shadow on the wall feeling

Depression and Anxiety-

Are even more than usually prevalent in the aftermath of Pandemic imposed lifestyle changes.  Isolation, restrictions limiting normal stress relieving activities or simply a shortage of joyous moments.  For some these are just normal experiences. 


Either way, counseling and mindfulness practices can unlock old patterns and open doors to new ways of experiencing life.  Read more here:

Identity and Self-Acceptance:

Adherence to societal or familial expectations of lifestyle or achievement may be robbing you of your empowered and authentic self. 


Explore with mindfulness to release your power and passion.  Often a life transitions involve grieving and letting go of an obsolete identity. 

Read More Here:

Trauma/PTSD/Developmental Trauma:

Nervous system responses of fight, flight, freeze or fawning are all useful reactions to certain situations.  But, if you experience these reactions out of proportion to present day stimuli, then you are having post traumatic stress reactions. 


Whether you experienced war, witnessed domestic violence, or simply grew up in unstable and chaotic environment, the stored effects on the nervous system are remarkably similar.  Read more here:


Relationships bring all our fears, hurts, and insecurities to the surface.  Our reactions often can bring about the opposite of our deepest wishes.  For this reason, whether in relationship or individual therapy relationship issues are often foremost.


We all bring our entire history to each relationship, whether intimate, friends, family, workplace or community.  In working on our relationship issues therefore, there is great opportunity for healing .

Read More here:

Couple at Home

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
― Viktor E. Frankl

The goal of therapy is to help clients expand that zone of choice!

That is Resilience.


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