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Comments on my work from past clients and colleagues:

  • Having had the privilege of supervising Chris in his role as therapist, I can say with confidence that he is a competent, warm, deeply caring and professional counselor. He honors the value of safety in the counseling relationship and can wisely guide individuals to reconnect with the best parts of themselves.  -Karin Bleeker, MS

  • I was a weekly client of Christopher Boothby for more than a year. Though I have done a lot of personal development work, our time together was some of the most beneficial and rewarding to date. Chris is an intelligent, articulate, honest and highly skilled counselor. He is safe. He has a sense of humor and compassion, both of which I value. He is wonderful listener and respectful guide. I learned something important–new skills, perspectives and information–nearly every time we met. During our time together, I felt I made great strides in balance, fearlessness and access to joy. He helped me increase my sense of presence with life’s challenges and opportunities and to see and more readily access a much-expanded sense of inner resources. I recommend Chris to anyone looking for a skilled professional with whom to collaborate on their journey to well-being.  -Julia King-Tamang, Portland, Oregon

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